Ram V Chary Provides Tips On Becoming a Better Graphic Designer

Over the decades, the domain of graphic designing has become extremely popular. It is a highly creative and exciting field that allows people to put their passion for art to use. Ram V Chary additionally mentions that with the rise of social media and digital marketing, the demand of graphic designers has surged up considerably. Ram himself is a freelance photographer and graphic designer working in Boston.  He says that the role of a graphic designer can be multi-faceted. They can create posters, bus wraps, billboards, packaging, logos, marketing materials and a lot more, depending on their particular job requirements.

Graphic designing is a highly dynamic field, and to gain success in it people would be required to constantly innovate and improve their skills.  Ram Chary mentions that creating eye-catching and enthralling visuals that are easily understood without a lot of thinking is an important quality of in a graphic designer. However, not everyone has this inherent quality. Hence, they must constantly try to improve themselves and become better. Experience with typography, color theory and web design can especially help people to become a better graphic designer, along with experimenting with diverse types and styles. Graphic designers should be flexible in their mindset as well, as there can be numerous times when the thinking of the clients shall not match with theirs, forcing them to make adjustments.

More than anything, graphic designers should consistently work on their skills to gain maximum success in the field.  Here are a few ways underlined by Ram V Chary that can help people to become better graphic designers:

  • Study design theory: Much like any other profession, a good understanding and knowledge of the fundamentals is extremely important in graphic design. One should have a proper knowledge of grid theory, color theory, typography and the golden ratio of they truly want to progress in the field of graphic design.
  • Switch styles: Ram Chary mentions that people are creatures of habit, and this fact is extremely true for many graphic designers. They ideally try to do the same thing with their artwork to ultimately create their unique style. While having an expertise in a particular style is good, it might also become a hindrance. Graphic designers have to work with various clients, and not all of them may like the style one specializes in. Hence, these professionals should have the capability to adapt their style to suit the requirements of the project at hand. To become better at this skill, it is important to keep switching styles frequently.
  • Engage with other designers: One of the best ways to improve as a graphic designer would be to interact with fellow peers. Going to design events and conferences, checking out forums, contacting experts on social media and on, can be a great way to discuss problems and challenges with people who actually are proficient in the field.

The simple steps mentioned above can go a long way in enabling people to become a better graphic designer.

Ram V Chary Provides Tips On Becoming a Better Graphic Designer

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