Michael Saltzstein Underlines a Few Important Skills Needed By a Brand Manager

The role of a brand manager has become extremely important in the modern business environment. They basically focus on making sure that a brand remains recognizable and relevant to its target audience. According to Michael Saltzstein, brand managers are the ones to plan ways to promote a brand, and define its perception in the minds of the public. Michael himself has worked in the position of a brand manager, and hence has a good knowledge of this job role. He completed his bachelor’s in Marketing at the University of Pennsylvania, and subsequently went on to take diverse, exciting roles in his career span.

Brand managers are usually the ones responsible for both for implementing and maintaining brand strategies. Michael Saltzstein says that these professionals work extensively with diverse colleagues across departments to make sure that the image of a brand is upheld and improved upon discerning external marketing and communications. The while the specific duties of a brand manager would depend from one company to another, usually, they are tasked with the budgeting of various branding projects, reviewing of customer data, implementation of branding strategies, scheduling media communications and managing product launches.

To complete all their duties with utmost competency, a brand manager needs to have certain qualities and skills. Here are some of them, according to Michael Saltzstein:

  • Advanced communication skills: Brand managers have to advocate company-wide collaboration and cooperation on several projects, as well as communicate important branding details across multiple departments. Hence, it is extremely vital for them to develop robust relationships with the help of good communication skills.  To improve on their communication capabilities and appear to be more approachable, brand managers must actively take part in company meetings and try to stay visible in important events. They should also learn team workflows and field questions from different departments competently.
  • Knack for creativity: Creative teams with strategic targets often the fetch best results when it comes to adding innovation a brand image. Hence, all competent brand managers know how to implement strategies that encourage creativity rather than restricting it. Brand managers additionally should try to find the perfect balance between innovation and structure within their creative strategies, and encourage their team to stay focused on fulfilling brand objectives.
  • Quantitative reasoning: The ability to apply reasoning to a variety of forms of data relating to branding efforts is one of the most important skills a brand manager should have. This skill is often augmented by synchronizing branding data, and subsequently measuring the brand reach prior to starting any new processes.

In addition to the skills underlined above, brand managers must also have the ability to comprehend and analyze market trends. This would provide them with better insights on the media consumed by their current and potential customers, and given them the chance to identify the types of brand messaging that will be effective.


Michael Saltzstein Underlines a Few Important Skills Needed By a Brand Manager

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