Everything you need to know about thumbtack reviews

Thumbtack reviews help contractors find the desired leads in their respective local areas and connect
with potential clients who are looking for the services that they offer. With the website or app, you can
list down and advertise all of the solutions that your business provides, communicate with prospects,
arrange appointments, and secure more jobs in your chosen industry – all for free. However, while the
platform can be used without any financial commitments, maximizing its potential to generate a higher
volume of quality leads will require payment. And in this piece, we’ll discuss everything you need to
know about the site and application.

What is Thumbtack?

In the digital age of today’s modern world, the reputation of a business online is as essential as its image
offline. With the vast majority of people who rely primarily on the internet these days, how a brand is
perceived on the World Wide Web can make a difference in its ability to attract more clients. To this
end, Thumbtack Reviews presents users with the ability not only to research and hire service providers
in their local areas for free but also rate and review the quality of their solutions. In doing so,
Thumbtack reviews aid businesses elevate their visibility, create positive exposure for their offerings,
and reel in more jobs as a result.

Advantages of using Thumbtack

There’s a reason why more and more service providers are making use of Thumbtack Reviews: it works.
With that said, we have listed down some of the most notable benefits that businesses can take
advantage of by leveraging this platform:

1. Attracts new clients. Thumbtack presents businesses with the opportunity to attract new clients
based on its listing on the website or app.
2. This platform is used by big businesses. Many large enterprises today make use of Thumbtack
to find credible and reputable contractors, giving you access to potentially lucrative contracts.
3. It presents service providers with a way to build positive exposure. Most people trust reviews
as much as they do personal recommendations. Through Thumbtack, you can make use of the
customer reviews to build positive awareness and exposure for your brand.
4. It is free. Unlike other platforms, Thumbtack presents contractors with the opportunity to get
work for free. What this means is that there are no financial risks or drawbacks in signing up.
How does Thumbtack work?
As a service provider, it is entirely free to list all the services that your business offers on Thumbtack.
The fees associated with the platform are for the credits that are used to find and obtain leads. For
example, if you want to enable clients to see and communicate with your company, you’ll need to spend
some credits. While they cost around $1.50 each, you can get them for much less if you decide to
purchase in bulk. However, the price for the desired leads depends on several factors:
● The cost can sometimes vary and depend on factors such as region, industry, and job size.

● Thumbtack is usually in-charge of the prices and can update or change them at any given time.
● Sizable leads tend to be pricier than smaller ones. This is based on Thumbtack’s estimates of the
revenue generated by the business for the project.
● Expenses are generally triggered whenever clients call, message, or book appointments with the
● It is possible to set a limit on the amount of money that you’re willing to spend on Thumbtack.
● Only initial communication between your business and the lead will cost you.
● While there isn’t a way to get free credits, you can obtain leads without having to spend them.
For instance, if a service provider is unavailable to address the concerns of its lead, you can get it
for free instead.

How to get jobs through Thumbtack

Getting jobs through Thumbtack is a fairly simple affair. However, if you’re having difficulties doing so
through leads that you’ve paid for, we’ve compiled a list of tips that should help you out:
● Be patient. A common mistake that service providers make is abandoning the platform right
away just because they weren’t able to get any leads yet. Instead, give it at least a week. After
all, it takes time and money to find jobs from prospects, and you’re more likely to get views on
your profile with an investment in credits and a little bit of patience.
● Don’t forget to create a budget. If cost is a concern, you can always create a budget and limit
your expenditure. With the use of its budget tool, you can get an estimate of how many
prospects are likely to find your business’s profile and reach out to you with the money that
you’re willing to spend. Best of all, it can be changed at any time.
● Respond quickly. Getting any job is like a race. You’ll have a much better chance of finding more
work if you respond immediately. By communicating with potential clients quickly, you’ll
improve the likelihood of securing the project.
● Use a personalized approach to win you jobs. It is a general rule of thumb to carefully read
through and understand the request of each client. Doing so will help you to fully comprehend
what they need and help you respond with a more personalized approach to their concerns. This
will allow you to stand head-and-shoulders above your competition and win you the job in turn.
● Follow up – Once you’ve completed work from a client, make sure that you follow up. Inquire on
opportunities to improve on future projects and ask whether they’re satisfied with the work
that you’ve delivered. Time invested in this effort will lead to future sales.


Thumbtack reviews serves as an excellent platform for service providers like contractors to attract their
target audience and improve their revenue stream. Not only does it allow them to build healthy
reputations through customer reviews. But it helps them find and secure leads too. Best of all, it doesn’t
require a sizable commitment of financial resources. You can even choose to limit the financial
resources that you’re willing to allocate too. Overall, the platform is an excellent place for both small
and large businesses alike to improve their exposure.

Everything you need to know about thumbtack reviews

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